Our wine list is extensive. It strives to focus on some obscure, less loved varietals coming out of Italy.
You may not have heard of all the grapes on our list but rest assured there's a great selection to suit any taste, on any budget. By the end of the meal you'll fall in love with a new Italian (grape).


For good quaffing, it's hard to go past our house white & red - both meticulously sourced especially for Capriccio as a true 'vino della casa' just like in any local osteria in Italy.


As proud Italians, we have a passion for aperitivi, no one does the pre-dinner drink better than the Italians! We do all the classics from Negroni Americano to Aperol Spritz plus we have some great concoctions of our own.


Come and try our drinks after 9pm on Friday and Saturday for Happy Hour.
While ladies receive a 50% discount on beverages every Wednesday.